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Auto Installers - Product Module for the Range Rover 2010 - Remote Push Button Start

It is with great saddness that we announce the loss of the founder of Rover Electronics, Stuart N. Jones. He will be missed as a friend, father, son and a brillant innovator. This site will remain in place in memory of his talent and impeccable craftmanship...

This remote starter is all about signal processing, not the usual 12 volt trigger wires. This entire unit runs with a 1-amp fuse!

It can be installed without the ordering
and expense of an additional key. You
do use the customer’s second key fob,
the battery is removed and the
"Copper Bypass Unit" is inserted. The vehicle will only recognize the key when remote started. The key fob can be hidden, but made accessible for the customer.

Complete installation documentation
and operating instructions included
with every unit.

EXAMPLES: (click below)
Installation instructions:
Full Size Range Rover
Sport & Land Rover LR4

Owner's Operating instructions:
Full Size User's Manual
Sport & LR4 User's Manual

Suggestions to Save Cost:
Reasons Not To Order Key

Everything is included in the kit for installation.

OPTIONAL: Plug-In DRONE MOBILE or VIPER SMART START, providing iPhone, Smart Phone & Computer starting control and tracking. For more information visit: www.dronemobile.com


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